As many of you saw on Instagram, we bought an RV! Haha, which funnily enough was actually NOT a planned part of our weekend. Seriously, it just kinda happened, which if you know my husband and me you will totally understand. 

This past Saturday September 28th, Kylen and I celebrated our anniversary; we got married 6 years ago on an unseasonably warm late September day. We said our vows out on a friend's farm under a big ol tree. And we have pretty much been dreaming about having a little piece of land like that ever since!

We love life in the city, where we know all our neighbors, we can walk to our jobs, the farmers' market and multiple little coffee shops and parks. BUT Kylen and I both really love to be in nature and to get away from the noise and busyness of work and life sometimes too. 

The plan for this weekend was to spend our first weekend together on our land, which we JUST closed on. We bought over 20 acres an hour North of our house in Holland and very near Lake Michigan.

So jump to the RV, we had plans to get a semi permanent structure out there sometime this fall or next spring, so that we can use the land more and have others join us out there. We were looking at simple structure duck canvas tents, small yurts, old campers etc. Thursday afternoon Kylen sent me a link to a 1979 Champion RV and it was LOVE. haha

The pictures were grainy and difficult to view, the description was short but sweet, and the drive was well over 2 hours. But we were IN! 

Kylen contacted the owner immediately, and then the bad new, someone was already planning to check it out that evening. Well THANK GOODNESS that fell through! So Friday as soon as we both got out of work, we headed North (which I am so excited will become our new routine.) 

It was pouring rain when we got there and daylight was fading, but we could see the potential, and it was pretty much an immediate YES!

There is more to the story of getting the old beast all the way to our property, breaking down in the middle of nowhere (in my mini van NOT the 40 year old RV, haha) and our first night on the land, but that will be a story for another day. 

So, that was Anniversay 6! I don't know how 7 could possibly top it, but I'm excited for all this year will bring. Get ready for posts and pictures of how we take our dated RV and bring him into the 21st century of style. And don't worry I will be keeping as much of that original burnt orange as possible!

*Cheers to 6 Years and so many more! Love you Kylen, thank you for chasing crazy dreams with me!

XOXO, Jaime